Since our acquisition of the Victoria Schoolhouse began, we have benefited from the generous donations of time, money and artifacts that have brought us to the completion of the restoration of the Schoolhouse and its use for educational projects, community learning and as an exhibit of the many artifacts representing the teaching and learning environment during its era.

Early in 2006, QEMA Board of Directors, with the help of volunteers, was able to relocate hundreds of boxes of archival material and artifacts that had been in storage facilities for an eight year period, to our home in the former Ameliasburgh Council Chambers on Coleman St.  This outstanding collection is an integral part of one of Ontario’s most unique museums.

However, we are sure there are more artifacts out in the community!  We invite you take some time to check out those dusty unopened boxes in your attic and basement for school items from the past and consider donating them to Quinte Educational Museum and Archives located in Ameliasburgh.  We thank you in advance for your assistance. 

We would be extremely grateful to receive texts, pamphlets, educational tools, photographs and any other artifacts and documents relevant to the 1800-1966 time period as well as the last 50 years of educational history in the province of Ontario.

If you are unsure if something you have is relevant to us, please contact us by telephone at 613-966-5501 or by e-mail.